Permit Updates from Duke Energy

As many of you already know, Duke Energy is the governing body for all permitting issues on Lake Keowee. We have few updates from Duke Energy effective this year that may be of interest if you are applying for a boat dock or shoreline stabilization permit soon.

1. Duke now requires each boat dock permit application to show the type of roof the dock will have (i.e. Gable, Hip).

2. Boat Dock and Shoreline Stabilization permit fees have increased by $50. The new fees now in effect are: Boat Dock Permits $350 (plus the Habitat Enhance Fund fee of $500), Shoreline Stabilization Permits $100 (plus the Habitat Enhance Fund fee of $500). If you are planning to have both dock and riprap work done within the next 12 months, you may apply for both at the same time to save $100 and avoid paying the Habitat Enhancement Fund fee twice. When you apply for both at the same time the total fee is $850.

3. Boat lifts intended to be mounted on the outside of a dock, as opposed to in the boat slip, now require a Dock Permit Application ($850 fee).

If you would like any of these changes explained in further detail, or have any questions about them, please give us a call at 864.882.7671 and we’ll be more than happy to help!

We’ll post more as information becomes available.

About Kroeger Marine Construction, Inc.

Kroeger Marine Construction has excelled for decades offering unmatched experience and quality in boat dock building, erosion control and boat lift installation. Our clients on Lake Keowee, Lake Hartwell, Lake Jocassee, Lake Thurmond and Lake Bowen know they are getting product quality and service that is second to none.
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2 Responses to Permit Updates from Duke Energy

  1. Carroll and Patricia Owen says:

    We found the article in the fall issue of Upstate Lake Living concerning the new permit that was going to be available to extend docks to assist in issues that result in lowering lake levels during droughts. We also read the follow-up article in December issue stating that permit has been delayed. We would like updates on this issue as they occur. Thanks

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  2. Thanks for letting us know you’re reading our articles! We will certainly keep you up-to-date as more information becomes available on this and any other lake-related news. We also send out a bi-weekly email with helpful information in it. If you’re interested, sign up for it at And we love suggestions about boating and lake related topics that are of interest to you!


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