Permit Application Process for Lake Keowee

The dock (and riprap) permitting process has become very convoluted over the years, and periodically undergoes significant changes. As a function of daily business we stay up-to-date on all regulatory and subdivision changes for local lakes, especially those from Duke Energy for Lake Keowee. We understand the different processes and can take care of the permitting process from start to finish, making the process hassle-free for you.

Here’s a quick guide to the current permitting process for Duke Energy on Lake Keowee. The property owner must provide:

  • $300 check payable to Duke Energy for docks and/or $50 check for riprap (shoreline stabilization)
  • $500 check payable to Habitat Enhancement Fund (for both docks and riprap)
  • plat of property with shoreline pins, legend, surveyor’s stamp, and dock location        ***Surveyor’s Seal must read “Registered/Professional Land Surveyor” AND must be signed by the Surveyor***
  • completed Construction Application and Private Facilities User Agreement from Duke Energy, both with property owner’s signature
  • GPS coordinates for intended dock location (we use Google Earth)
  • photo of shoreline- Must be taken from the water looking back onto the property. If you’re buying a lot your realtor may already have this and provide it to you.
  • dock drawing- We can provide this when you submit your application to us.

A few more particulars (it’s much easier to get it all correct the first time!)…

All documents with signatures must be originals, photocopies are not accepted. Once Duke Energy receives your application, it’s usually around 3-4 weeks until they notify you of their decision. Once approved your permit it good for one year from the Approval Date. This is non-negotiable, so you want to get the work done within that timeframe so as not to need to reapply and take a chance on not getting approved at a later date if conditions have changed.

Easy, right?! That’s why we thought it’d be helpful to outline the process, and reiterate that we’re available to help facilitate it for you.


About Kroeger Marine Construction, Inc.

Kroeger Marine Construction has excelled for decades offering unmatched experience and quality in boat dock building, erosion control and boat lift installation. Our clients on Lake Keowee, Lake Hartwell, Lake Jocassee, Lake Thurmond and Lake Bowen know they are getting product quality and service that is second to none.
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