Kayak Stow & Go, Storage and Launch System

kayak stow & go

We often get questions about our variety of dock accessory options, so I’m going to devote a few posts to highlighting popular ones that people find very helpful. The first one is our new, exclusive (patent-pending) Kayak Stow & Go. It’s a dockside storage and launch system for kayaks that makes accessing your kayak much safer and more enjoyable, and it doubles as a convenient dockside storage so you’re not lugging those unwieldy things back and forth each time you want to use them.

All that’s required to use it is unlatching the tie holding it in the storage position and letting the frame down to water level. (Wouldn’t it be nice to see a video of it in action at this point? We’re working on that!) It’s a lightweight aluminum frame so it’s no problem for most people to do. In this lowered position the kayak rests on the bottom of the aluminum frame providing a stable platform for you to step into. So no more trying to hold the kayak still with one hand and lowering yourself into it hoping it doesn’t go shooting out from under you sending you straight into the water! Once you’re in your kayak gently push backward and slide right out into the water. It’s just that easy.

When you return from your lovely kayak excursion, all you do is gently steer the kayak back into the frame and step out onto the stable frame. You’ll use the pull tie again to pull it back into the storage position and securely tie it to the dock post that is part of the frame. You’re done!

It really couldn’t be any easier, and we’re proud to have finally come up with this little invention. Recently, a customer shared with us that he and his wife used to store their kayaks in the garage or basement and carry them back and forth to the lake, dragging them up over the riprap and beach. But the Stow & Go has dramatically changed how often they use their kayaks by making it so much easier and convenient, so now they’re out on the water in them all the time!

And I should mention that the frame is designed to keep the stored kayak in an angled kayak stow & goposition so no rain gets inside, and it’s stored above the water line. We also have options available for canoes and paddle boards, all of which can easily be mounted to your existing dock.

About Kroeger Marine Construction, Inc.

Kroeger Marine Construction has excelled for decades offering unmatched experience and quality in boat dock building, erosion control and boat lift installation. Our clients on Lake Keowee, Lake Hartwell, Lake Jocassee, Lake Thurmond and Lake Bowen know they are getting product quality and service that is second to none.
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